Our Valleys

Our plots

As is typical for the Champagne region, our domaine has lots of small, separate plots. At least 42 fields divided between the villages of Mareuil-le-Port, Oeuilly and Troissy.

We have a wide variety of exposures, geology and grape varieties. Our vines are planted at many different altitudes and have a wide range of ages. This creates many nuances which express themselves in our different wines.

The Respect of our Terroir

We respect the environment in the cultivation of our vines and we make no concessions in our pursuit of excellence: We work our soil and avoid the use of chemical products wherever possible.

We hold an HVE3 environmental certificate which is the highest level possible..

In the Land of Meunier

Meunier is the signature grape of The Marne Valley and is found in most of our wines.

Meunier (which means miller) is so named for the white covering on its leaves which looks like flour. 59% of our domaine is planted in meunier. Meunier is less susceptible to frost as it sprouts later in the spring. This is a big advantage in a cold region especially as the river Marne increases the local humidity and with it the effects of low temperature.