Technical term for wines being held in tank or barrel before bottling

Winemaking, Ageing, Blending

We harvest at full ripeness and we sort grapes.

We vinify in small stainless steel for blended cuvées and in wooden barrels of various sizes (200-300-500 liters) for single-vineyards cuvées. We tend to respect the identity and the diversity of each « terroirs ».

We use our own selected yeast for fermentations..
We decrease the use of sulphur in our wines. Since 2014, we are experimenting zero sulphur methods.

Our juices are naturally clarified: No filtration, no fining before bottling. This is the reason why we do our bottling late in June or July.

Perpetual Reserve

Perpetual Reserve for Grande Reserve
We have started our Perpetual Reserve for our main blended cuvee, Grande Reserve, in 1998. We use about 30% of this Reserve wine in our blend with the vintage base. By always having some older wine in each bottle we create a sense of history. And every year the reserve wine gains the energy of a new harvest.

Perpetual Reserve for Single-vineyards
Since 2013, we have developed a Perpetual Reserve for each of our single-vineyard wine. Each plot’s Reserve has gained balance over the time, with a distinctive renewal proportion. It may vary from 50 to 30% depending on the parcel. The wines are fermented and aged in wooden barrels of various size (200, 300, 500 liters).
The Single-Vineyards (or lieu-dit », or « parcelle ») have been selected for the following reasons: planted with old vines, unique identity, located in the heart of the slopes.